Drakontas has a number of active research and development (R&D) programs underway in partnership with the U.S. Departments of Defense, Justice and Transportation. In each case, our goals are to improve real-time collaboration within and among teams.

We are developing new platforms or expanding the functionality of our existing off-the-shelf solutions to:

  • Coordinate data sharing among U.S. Department of Defense, National Guard, and local response units in cases of national emergencies and natural disasters;

  • Improve the common operating picture among warfighters responsible for building and managing tactical communications systems on the battlefield;

  • Facilitate wireless communication during emergencies among rail transit system personnel, public safety officers, and riders of public rail transit systems to enhance the safety and overall quality of the ridership experience.

We are always seeking new opportunities to leverage our knowledge, experience and partnerships in meeting customer needs. If you are interested in leveraging our past performance in these and other areas, please contact us.

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