How Will You Respond?

How will you respond

How would you respond to a terrorist attack in your downtown district? For one DragonForce customer, this hypothetical question turned into a reality in an instant.

Using DragonForce the entire public safety force was alerted and within minutes the identity, location and operational status of more than 1000 first responders was made available to incident commanders to coordinate a unified response of patrolmen, investigators, and tactical operators.

Real-time tracking and tactical whiteboarding enabled the quick dispatch of the nearest personnel to set up a hot-zone perimeter to prevent escape. Situation reports with suspect photos were distributed in a DragonForce coordinated manhunt that was successfully resolved within hours.

About DragonForce

DragonForce turns your team’s existing smartphones, tablets, and PCs into a mission-critical collaboration platform. DragonForce allows you to track and communicate with team members using secure messaging, file sharing, customizable forms, and tactical whiteboarding on maps and images.

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